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        1. News

          Notification of Resuming Taclink’s Operation

          Release time: 2020-02-14

          After the extended Spring Festival Holiday, Taclink has restarted the company’s operations gradually from February 10th, 2020.

          In response to national government’s requirements to reduce the travel of people to curb the spread of pneumonia cases few employees will be start work later, therefore the whole production capacity recovery will take some time.

          Taclink apologize for any inconveniences this issue might create for your business. Taclink is working very hard to normalize the production as soon as possible.

          Taclink management and all employees pay their highest respects to medical staff, PLA, police officers and soldiers and people from all walks of life who are fighting against the contagion of the new corona virus. We believe that under the leadership of the Party, the people of the whole country will win the battle against the new corona virus soon.

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